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Stay for the graphics. Leave for the music.

(All sleeves created, curated, designed and/or art directed by one or more Pterodactyl. Click Here for Marcel's Album discography.)

THE 1980S

Toto, I Don’t Think We’re In Kansas Anymore b/w Toto 2
November 1983

Marcel and the Pterodactyls fired their launching shot with this debut 45.

From the start, the bar was set low.

Released shortly after their return from a bonding and forming trek to NYC, it's the first of many Duchampian readymades with a similarly purloined cover. The track itself? An alternating micro-review of what the single might be rather than an actual song itself.

Welcome to the Marcel experience: part conceptual art, part prank, and part outright silliness.

Pterodactyl Hop b/w Modern Muzak
December 1983

Marcel’s second single—and second readymade—was the number that really got things going for the Pterodactyls via some limited college radio play. It remains a fan favourite.

“Pterodactyl Hop” was a toe-tappin’, found-organ blitz of the Gershwins’ “S’Wonderful,” while B side “Modern Muzak” unlocked the mysteries of the chord organ.

Marcel marked the ever-crucial 31st anniversary of this milestone with a radically remixed version in 2014 that features only a few samples of the original 45. Instead, it’s a megamix incorporating elements from 10 other Marcel tracks along with all new beats and atmospherics. It was accompanied by a video inspired by the centenary of Norm McLaren (see further down the page for more information, under The 2000s).

Piano Concerto for Pterodactyl b/w Hungover
January 1984


Marcel's third readymade and first stab at the classical market, "Concerto" is eerie, dramatic, wholly stolen, and thorougly absurd.

"Hungover" salutes the soft moans and groans that accompany those rough mornings after the hard night before.

Brains, Hearts & Guts b/w The Wizard of Oz
March 1984
Originally released on the short-lived Fool Records imprint Black Penguin Records FOOLBP45004

Marcel's 4th pilfer was a dead-voiced valium moan of a tune in a "scratch" mix (read: taken from an incredibly hacked up vinyl source). Aspirational in its cherished wishes for a higher IQ, a non-sociopathic sense of empathy, and the desire to grow a pair.

The B side follows "Pterodactyl Hop" aka "S'wonderful" as Marcel's second cover from the early 20th Century Great American Songbook. Was the original Marcel from Kansas? Some say so.

Want A Cigarette? / This Is For Your Face [Double A Side]
July 1984

This double A-side 12”-er represents a major breakthrough for M&TP: their first release that is not a full readymade. While each side is set to an existing backing track, “Cigarette” sports the dulcet tones of Marcel group-prattling as they bray coital-and-post-coital tobacconist-centric slogans while name-dropping mid-80s Yummy Fur comics. Flip it over and “Face” samples dialogue from John Waters’ Female Trouble, a talismanic touchstone for the whole Marcel gang.

The voices on each are employed in a “scratching” style, Marcel’s tip o’ the hat to early-80s hip hop but executed in their own inimitable pathetic style.

Both sides were reissued in a more harmonized remix in 1995, with "Cigarette" sporting a newly composed backing track and treated vocals making it a now all-original piece, 11 whole years later! You may need a Harry Rag yourself after subjecting yourself to this egregious nonsense.

These extend-length dancefloor pitches received club play in select London, Ontario dance establishments at the time much to the bafflement of pie-eyed patrons.

The ?’s Back b/w That’s Bad
November 1984

Oh no: it is unnamed irritating vermin as the prodigal son, returning to distress us once again. Marcel's choral ineptness rears its head yet again with this pastiche of The Angels' "My Boyfriend's Back." It's rife with sour petulance as well as organ tone blanks, allowing listeners to fill in it in with their own specific detested human specimen of repulsion.

The B-side is a mash-up rather than a readymade, commenting on both the A side's person in question as well as Marcel's inept warbling.

Bratty Little Kid b/w Bratty Little Kid (Reprise)
December 1984
Originally released on the short-lived Fool Records imprint Low Budget Records FOOLLBR45007

Marcel's first seasonal offering is a PSA-friendly readymade featuring the eponymous bratty little kid, pestering already patience-tested adults to get their ass in gear in order to not miss any send-to-Santa deadlines. The requested Polaris missile should have been used to nuke brattykins jr.

Michael Jackson’s Cats (Live) b/w Modern Muzak 2
January 1984

A spellbinding live rendition of this feline-focused highlight originally from Rock & Roll With The Pterodactyls. This concert-recorded delight is pulled from the Riboflavin compilation.

At the time, Michael Jackson was at his Thriller-induced global apex, with his hairdo usually sporting a flat, splotchy wet spot in the top right corner of his head. It was Marcel's theory that this wet patch was the result of several cats crawling on his head throughout the night and licking it into place. This track was a salute to those felines.

Meanwhile, B side "Modern Muzak 2" is another all originally played and produced track. Not that this shrill, aimless organ revisiting of "S'Wonderul/Pterodactyl Hop" as well as evergreen leotard-friendly favourite "Alley Cat" is noteworthy in any other way whatsoever.

Rock and Roll Beauty Parlour b/w Modern Muzak 3
June 1985

Another big step in the Marcel oeuvre: their first all-originally performed 45. Side One is a sprightly Romper Room Delta Blues ditty about getting one’s hair and nails done at questionable establishments, while Side Two is another organ “Muzak” instalment, this time murdering “Pop Goes The Weasel” and “Jingle Bells.”

An official video was shot for “Rock and Roll Beauty Parlour” over a decade later, highlighting some of the more ominous feelings that could be triggered by a visit to a place where people are restrained among sharp objects.

Click here to view the official Marcel & the Pterodactyls video.

Pterodactyl Jig b/w Marcel Salutes Jazz & LSD
July 1986


Marcel announced their return after a year of silence with this harmonica-driven irritant as the lead single from A.N.D. “Pterodactyl Jig” is Marcel’s very own low budget/effort/talent contribution to the mid-80s celtic music craze. Jig ye around the fiery Wicker Man with this tuneless wonder.

Meanwhile, B side “Marcel Salutes Jazz & LSD” featuries backwards masking without any message other than to turn on, tune in and drop a jazzy tab like a swingin’ pterodactyl.

The 45 came dressed with a lovely photo featuring a drunken inhabitant of London, Ontario’s Brunswick Hotel molesting an inflatable pterodactyl. Marcel wanted to salute The Brunswick via this sleeve as it was a favourite watering hole of the band, with the establishment’s s’wonderful dollar draft fuelling many of Marcel’s most ludicrous ideas ... well, at least those ideas that could be remembered the next day once the dry-brained hangover had subsided.

Somebody Likes Me, Somebody Hates Me b/w Which Hurts More, My Fist or This 2x4?
September 1986


“Somebody Likes Me, Somebody Hates Me” is the missing link between Shirley Temple and Blind Lemon Jefferson. Marcel’s got them ol’ kinder blues again, mama.

Meanwhile, B side “Which Hurts More, My Fist or This 2x4?” agonizingly examines its titular question.

Clam Chowder, Peanut Butter & Hot Rolls b/w The New 12 Days of Christmas
December 1986

Marcel’s second Christmas single is also the Pterodactyls' second all-original 7-incher (okay, so the B side’s a re-write … still …).

“Clam Chowder” is an easy listening/hard-to-take song of joy celebrating unhealthy treats favoured by late-into-the-night polluted party patrons during those pre-barfing-it-up moments of holiday get togethers. It's delivered in a style that could be classified as The Degenerate Ray Conniff Singers.

B side “The New 12 Days of Christmas” features more choral, um, talents (?), contemplating a whole new set of possibilities for the traditional carol. Out go the leaping lords, French hens, and golden rings; in come substance abuse, Marcel cassettes, and jars of dog urine among others.

The Immigrant Song (featuring Margie Zeplin) b/w Black Dog
April 1987

This fine specimen (as in the medical sense) of a single was edited down from an extended M & the Ps live jam session where the focus was to maximize instrumental incompetence. As one Dactyl can clearly be heard saying, “If you can play it, don’t play it.”

Marcel joyfully murders the Led Zeppelin III classic before turning their unskilled hands to “Stray Cat Strut,” The Jam’s “It’s Too Bad,” “Peaches” by The Stranglers, and an interpretation of Miles Davis’ “Bitches Brew.”

Have unwanted guests hanging around far too long after a party and they simply won’t take the hint and leave? Marcel & the Pterodactyls’ “Immigrant Song” is sure to clear the room every time.

If the A side doesn’t work, flip it over for the dog-and-human improvised collaboration piece. “Black Dog” has all the charm of nails on a chalkboard.

We will eventually be posting our own digital version of these tracks but for now will link over to another version posted elsewhere online of Marcel's cover of "The Immigrant Song."

Pine Cones & Holly Berries b/w Silent Night (Instrumental)
December 1987

Marcel’s third and final Christmas single of the '80s features more bratty little kids who are over-hyperactive and under-rehearsed. The B side is Marcel’s solemn rendering of the holiday standard, played almost correctly on a perpetually out-of-tune piano set against a relentlessly squawking budgie. What's not to like?

THE 1990S

Pterodactyl Rave b/w Pterodactyl Rave On
January 1992


Marcel returned in January 1992 after a two year absence with this, their first new single in four years. It's a clumsy dancefloor confection from Rave On With Marcel & The Pterodactyls: their response to the then-exploding rave culture. This all-instrumental techno LP is their first ever (and so far only) album of all-original material with no samples.

Three years after this single and its attendant album, Marcel would champion a new genre called “Mumble Rock.” “Pterodactyl Rave” could very well be seen as “Mumble Techno”: an electronic precursor of a style to come.

B-Side “Pterodactyl Rave On” at least features a consistent beat.

Break out the glow sticks and dare to attempt to dance to Marcel’s tempo-challenged plinky-plonk techno.

The ?’s Back (Not Again Mix) b/w Chaotic Stooge
September 1994


From the Various Artists-Pterodactyl-lead Marcel remix album comes this grating remix of the ‘84 classic backed with an iritation-maximized take on the Riboflavin track saluting Marcel faves, The Three Stooges.

The Ha Ha Song (Giggling Mix) b/w The Hi Song (Hello Again Mix)
December 1994


From the X-Play remix album, this Riboflavin track arrives mirth-enhanced via this "Giggling Mix." Released as a second single from the set, backed with another Ribo-remix of “The Hi Song.” You'll be saying Goodbye in no time.

We Wanna Be Happy b/w Violin Concerto from “Le pterodactyl de pathetique”
May 1995


Could anyone in the world possibly be depressed upon aurally interfacing with this twee ode to jubilance? Apparently so.

Backed by a scratchy, stilted, violin scraping of an abomination.

Rock & Roll Frankenstein b/w Summer Lovin’/Greased Lightning
July 1995


The musical intersection the whole world was waiting for: Frankenstein meets The Bay City Rollers via a precocious Pterodactyl youth. And while Grease may be the word for the B side, it would be week-old bacon grease drippings.

Want A Cigarette? (1995 Remix) / This Is For Your Face (1995 Remix) [Double A Side]
September 1995

A fresh remix of both sides of the 1984 confection to accompany the career-spanning Marcel 45 collection, Singles Going Unsteadily: 1983-1995.

Pterodactyl Maidens b/w Dishpan Hands
October 1995


In 1995 Marcel re-emerged, launching their latest approach to sounds via what they termed as “Mumble Rock.” Marcel described this genre as “a post-grunge, low-achievement sensation of mumbling possible lyrics with a demeanour of casual yet pleasant detachment.”

Think: half-conscious singing in the shower first thing in the morning before last night’s Ambien and scotch combo have yet to fully wear off, or unconsciously, distractedly singy-mumbling—in a barely audible tone—a melody that sorta pops into your head while walking down the street.

After introducing the genre on that spring’s Mumble & Hum album, Marcel reached the genre’s apotheosis with this single from autumn of 1995. Written a decade before during a Smith’s concert but never recorded, “Pterodactyl Maidens” gets the hands-off/barely-remembering-the-words, hypno/mantra treatment. This stellar interpretation combines a keening chord organ, out-of-tune bass, and mumbled vocals. Splendid.

B side “Dishpan Hands” applies the Mumble approach to percussion.

This is effortless music. And boy, does it ever sound like it.

Meanwhile, the cassette single sleeve art features a still of one of Marcel’s favourite pterodactyl maidens: Patty Duke as Neely O’Hara, gamely scarfing down barbiturates in Valley of the Dolls.

Merry Fucking Christmas, Asshole b/w Ring Them Bells
December 1995


Haven’t you always wanted to say this to that certain someone? Marcel sure did, and do so in this explosive seasonal delight about the ultimate mistle toe kiss off.

The original version came wrapped up in hand-designed cassette cases plastered with tiny glued ephemera gifties while the actual recording was a caustic, feedback-enhanced rant set to pounding sampled drums and other noisy wretchedness.

B side “Ring Them Bells” continued the seasonal theme with the headache-inducing hallucinating reverberations encompassing a range that goes from lowly telephone punch pads blips to Big Ben.

“MFCA” received a new electro-backed remix in 2004 as part of an earlier iteration of the Just Pathetic compilation. A video for an edit of the remix was released online in December 2014.

Click here to view the official Marcel & the Pterodactyls video of the 2004 Marcel Megamix version of “Merry Fucking Christmas, Asshole”.

Rock & Roll (Pt. 0) b/w Do You Know First Company?
January 1996


Thin-sounding, high-school-band-sampled take on Gary Glitter’s platform shoe-stompin’ colossus on seemingly endless loop. Wears out its welcome after 10 seconds.

The B-side is a rhetorical wonder, asking an absurd question minus any reasonable answer.

Pterodactyl Maidens (Choral/Live) b/w Pterodactyl #9
March 1996


A second interpretation of the Marcel anthem, this time via a sappy, overly-sugared choral mantra performed to an obviously insane audience. Backed by Marcel’s very own trivial tribute to The Beatles’ White Album’s musique concrète classic.

PTERODACTYL MAIDENS E.P.: Filles des Pterodactyl / Pterodactyl Maidens (Choral/Live) / Funky Pterodactyl Maiden Beaver / Pterodactyl #9 / Pterodactyl Maidens (Mumble)
March 1996


Marcel’s first E.P. collects all title-pertinent tracks from Pterodactyl Maidens ... & Other Questions, including all three riveting takes on the titular track. What a waste.

The E.P. featured some lovely retro images from a 1970s wood burning kit. Remember them? What could possibly be a better idea than to hand children scaldingly-hot electrified utensils in order to imprint ugly burns on wood-mounted cheesy images while also frying their delicate flesh, sending them to emergency wards.

Ah, crafts!

THE SLAMMED & SHAFTED E.P.: Shafted / Tessie’s Odiferous Birkenstocks / Slammed / Slammed & Shafted
July 1996

Marcel’s first E.P. of original, non-LP tracks explores and exploits the outer limits of CD glitches and cacophonous drum samples, like a chorus of mentally distressed Gene Krupas soloing on PCP.

The E.P.’s highlight is “Tessie’s Odiferous Birkenstocks,” a heartfelt tale chronicling that difficult intersection of workstations and malodorous footwear.

What is an office staff to do, torn between the warmth they feel for their treasured co-worker and the plain old warm stench emanating from her stinky end-of-day Birkenstocks left distressingly on her desk, rancidly antagonizing the evening shift workers? Tune in to find out.

A trip hop remix of "Tessie" appears on the Just Pathetic compilation.

Mozart & Other Favourites b/w More Unforgettable Classics
June 1997

What was next for the Mumble style? Why, it turned out to be “Clumble,” a new genre applying the Mumble Rock approach to classical music.

Marcel took the distracted effort approach and applied it to the not-Mozart classical piece on the A-Side and its barely there sylph of a b-side. Played by a Marcel associate to an overexcited crowd, from the short film/art opening, “THE LUGNUTS: WEHATEYOU@THEFORESTCITYGALLERY.”

Around the World in 80 Days b/w The Complete Marcel
August 1997

Nauseatingly quaint chime rendition of the theme tune to the Victorian-set air balloon flick. On the other side, "The Complete Marcel" is a collage comprising short snippets from every released Marcel track, proving once and for all that years of effort can be put into a single enterprise and still yield no worthwhile results.

A video was shot for the A side but is currently unavailable.

Pterodactyl Revolution Blues b/w Traffic Jam
July 1998

You’ll certainly get the blues if exposed to this lethargic moaner for any length of time. B side “Traffic Jam” is every bit as frustrating as being caught up in the real thing.

Viagra Falls / “Lesley Used to Like The Stranglers.” “Yes. She Did.” [Double A Side] b/w Viagra Falls (12” Remix)
September 1998

This double A side pits a blue pill-enhanced electro-throbbin’ climax that just won’t stop against a drum, bass & feedback reflection on Stranglers fandom among Pterodactyls of yore and year. Hell, we all used to like The Stranglers and still do. And The Very Pen, too. Rave on Raven!

Also featured are Pterodactyls pitching an upcoming screening of the Sandra Bullock vehicle“The Net” on London’s CFPL TV.

The double A side also features an interminable remix of “Viagra Falls.”

I’ll Be Home For Christmas b/w It’s Not Just About the Presents
November 1998


Marcel may be home for Christmas, but is that a good thing? Especially with both sides of this lugubrious Yuletide griping. The “G’day mate” interjections may add some levity, but not enough.

It’s A Kind of Creepy Kind of Christmas / We’re No. 1 (The Post-Seasonal
Nietzschean Aesthetic)
[Double A Side] b/w It’s A Kind of Creepy Kind of Christmas (Bungle Elf Mix) / Kind Of Kind Of
December 1998


Well many Christmases can indeed be kinda creepy and we have two versions here exploring why that is. Meanwhile, Marcel preps for the post-season era, when goodwill goes out the window just like the Xmas tree that’s now an instant fire hazard, as the hard-assed reality of the daily world shoves itself rudely back in your face amid raging blizzards. Happy Fucking New Year, Asshole.

“Kind Of Kind Of” completes the festive mood with a few minutes of antonal, corrosive audio sludge.

Puppet Dance b/w Puppet Dance (Jiminy Mix)
April 1999


Belatedly issued Rave On track. Short on length and long on dancing puppet hysteria as depicted in the corresponding video.

The B side features an elongated, Jiminy Cricket-enhanced remix of the A side. Valley of the Dolls indeed.

Click here to view the official Marcel & the Pterodactyls video.

103 Empty Bags b/w We Don’t Sell T-Shirts
June 1999


And just think how different this zoned-out noodling may have sounded if it had been 104 empty bags.

And, no, we don’t sell t-shirts. Not yet, anyway. (But they're coming.)

Do You Know the Way to San Jose b/w New Scrabble Game
August 1999


Bacharach/David get the Marcel WTF? minimalistic treatment while “New Scrabble Game” celebrates exactly what the title describes.


DUMB E.P.: Opera / Transistor Blast / The Birds
September 1999

Clocking in at a total of exactly 3:00, the Dumb E.P. is an exercise in Marcel ultra-minimalism featuring a tribute to the 1963 Hitchcock classic, a transistor blast from the depths of Hell, and something that in no way resembles opera.

Pterodactyl Heartbeat b/w Compiled Nothing
October 1999

Marcel’s “Pterodactyl Heartbeat” may send yours flatlining while B side “Compiled Nothing” could shock it back into function via its screeching morse-code guitar feedback.

We Three Kings of the Orient Are b/w The Pterodactyl Christmas Rock Opera
December 1999

Taken from the North Pole B.C. E.P.

More Junior Division Pterodactyls Seasonal crooning. “We Three Kings” is a duet for off-key, unnecessarily damaged youngsters with bongos while the B side’s “Rock Opera” features Pterodactyl singers mass-chirping “Feliz Navidad” and other Xmas tunes in a cheesy’n’lo-fi manner.

North Pole B.C. E.P.: Spiced Christ / We Three Kings of the Orient Are / Christmas Wind Up / December 25 on the 76th / The Emotional Awakening of Children on Christmas Morning / Holly Jolly Christmas / Little Drummer Boy / The Pterodactyl Christmas Rock Opera
December 1999

If you’re masochistic enough of a person that you didn’t quite get your fill of patience-testing misery with the “Kings/Opera: single, by all means check out the entire sanity-defying North Pole B.C. from whence the single came. Sometimes, less is more.

THE 2000S

Mr. Moth / I Intend to Feed You Only Gruel [Double A-Side] b/w The Debutante Song / Oh Well / Merry Fucking Christmas, Asshole (2004?? Marcel Megamix Extended Version)
April 2004

Marcel celebrates the new century and the first iteration of the Just Pathetic compilation with this double A side. “Mr. Moth” is a poetic plea to the clothes-destructing insect from a humble librarian, while “Gruel” dares to ask life's big questions.

Backing these fine specimens are a choral homage to two dissimilar twins, their distillery-running mama, and 1%-er dad at a Complacent Falls debutante ball; an instrumental cover of The Demics’ “Oh Well”; and a pounding, new electro, full-length remix of Marcel’s 1995 seasonal middle finger to thee hated. Gee, what fun.

Click the link to view the official Marcel & the Pterodactyls video for “Mr. Moth,”“I Intend to Feed You Only Gruel” or the 2004 Marcel Megamix version of “Merry Fucking Christmas, Asshole.”

Pterodactyl Hop (31st Anniversary Megamix) b/w Modern Muzak 4
March 2014

Marcel marked the ever-crucial 31st anniversary milestone with this radically remixed version that actually features little from the original recording and almost none of the original tune’s melody. Instead, it’s a megamix incorporating elements from 10 other Marcel tracks along with all new beats and atmospherics.

Meanwhile, the Modern Muzak series is rebooted, this time switching from chord organ chaos to bongo fury psychosis. And it’s Marcel’s first new track in nearly a decade.

The “P. Hop Remix” was accompanied by a video attempting to celebrate the centenary of Norm McLaren.

Click here to view the official Marcel & the Pterodactyls video.

Dancing With An Angel b/w Maybe I Shouldn't Have Had That Last One

2016 ... coming soon ...





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